Microblading for Brow Reconstruction

Can Microblading bring back my brow?


That's exactly what microblading is best at doing. In the most natural way. The tiny hair like strokes imitate real hair which when placed precisely can blend very easily into existing hair. Creating the illusion of a fuller more perfected brow. Giving you back the brow you were meant to have!


Microblading for time saving mornings!

Does Microblading mean no brow maintenance?

What microblading does is take the guess work out of the daily styling of your brows by placing a shadow underneath existing hair. Depending on the look you like, it may mean that you can go about your day without doing anything at all to them before you head out the door.

How I think about it, is that microblading gives us our best 'every day' brow. I do insist on keeping them looking sharp with regular brow shaping appointments, but you may find that you can push these appointments out slightly more now that your brows maintain more definition.

Brow Shaping & Brow Rehab

What are my options?

Microblading isn't the only option for you and your brow. You will be surprised at how far a professional brow shape can take you!

The best scenario is that we can bring back a naturally full brow in time. You may be surprised how far a little patience and perseverance can take you to bring your brow back to its former glory.