You may find the answer to a few questions you have about microblading below. However, if you would like to find out more and discuss the possibility of the treatment in more detail, please feel free to book in for a face to face consultation with me at any time.

You are a good candidate for Microblading if:

  • You rely on filling in your brows daily.
  • Your natural shape has been eaten into over time.
  • You want to save valuable time in the mornings and have the guess work taken out of styling your brows.
  • You are not pregnant or breast feeding.
  • You are not dealing with a serious trauma or sickness.
  • A person on certain forms of prescription medication or with an existing medical condition may NOT be able to get permanent makeup. If considering it, consult with your doctor.
  • You are willing to take a break from exercise for seven days.
  • You haven't had botox in the last three weeks.

What is involved with Microblading?

Manual microblading is done using a hand held tool, that is used to scratch and break the surface of the skin before pigment is deposited into the skin. the hand tool has a row of very fine blades (about the width of a hair strand) tht when used precisely in hair like strokes, can create the illusion of hairs on the skin.

The skin is thoroughly numbed prior to the procedure.

We talk in detail about custom designing YOUR perfect brow taking into consideration colour, shape and balance of your facial features. Together we agree on the design of your brow and choose the pigment colour based on your preference, skin tone and hair colouring. We will not proceed with the treatment unless you are 100% happy to go forward. You will need to allow 2hrs for the initial design work and treatment.

Each treatment is done in two parts, an initial implantation and then a follow up for refining. The refining appointment will take no more than 1hr.

How permanent is semi-permanent?

The results will last anywhere between 12 - 18 months after completion before you may consider retouching them. The length of time will vary depending on multiple factors such as lifestyle, health and skin type.

What should I do prior to coming in for my appointment?

  • Do not have botox within three weeks prior to your appointment
  • Do not take an aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief (this thins the blood)
  • Do not shave your brows. It is most ideal to come in the day or so prior to your appointment to have your brows professionally shaped and tidied.